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Greetings to Everyone in 2024!

Embarking on a Tabletop Adventure As we step into this new year, I hope you've all had a fantastic start, filled with positivity and excitement. I'm thrilled to share a unique journey I've embarked on with my children, one that combines the fun of tabletop gaming with...

Great News Patenuade Prints is now on

Welcome to the Patenaude Prints 3D Printing Club on Thangs! Hey there! I'm super excited to share with you something really cool from Patenaude Prints. We're starting a fun club on where you can get amazing 3D printing designs every month. It's going to be...

Patenaudes at Geequinox 2023

"Each spring the hibernating geek awakes from their winter torpor hungry to consume large amounts of popular culture. Leaving their winter dens, and basements, the Maritime geek seeks out locations rich in their favorite fandom to nourish their soul. Many can be...

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stone wall dial counter

Stone Wall Life Counter

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demonic tree dice tower

Demonic Tree Dice Tower

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mimic mechanical pencil

Mimic Mechanical Pencil

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multi color d20 key chain

Multi color d20 key chain

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mimic tree stump

Mimic Tree Stump

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mimic door

Mini Mimic Door

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Life Counter

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mimic dial counter

Mimic Dial Counter

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